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7 Things to Do in Houston, TX

Posted on 05 Feb, 2024 at 04:33 pm - by

Houston is an amazing city for holiday vacations as one of the most well-known cities in Texas, the city is home to many food spots, local attractions, and cultural attractions, and it is the fourth most populated city in the United States. Downtown Houston is filled with many theaters and offers a great getaway. In this blog, we will be exploring the best fun things to do in Houston, each of these great destinations is sure to make your holidays exemplary!


Market Square Park

Market Square Park is a beautiful destination located in the hub of the city. This Park is family-friendly and an ideal location to hang out with your friends. Although the park is not that huge, the exquisite kaleidoscopic flowers and art make this location a good place for community gatherings and events every year. The Park has a wall decorated with art and well-maintained pathways for good walks. The water fountain and wooden benches further add to the beauty of this place. There are many sites in this park offering shades to sit and watch good movies or have good picnics. The Market Square Park is one of the best Houston attractions, connecting the visitors with nature.


Space Center Houston

One of the best places to visit in Houston is the Space Center. This place has over 400 space artifacts along with multiple theaters, some of which are permanent, and some are traveling exhibits. This attraction annually attracts over a million of space-lovers. Imagine seeing spacecraft used by NASA and meeting astronauts. This museum is a doorway to explore space while you are on Earth.


Splash Town

One of the places to go in Houston is the Hurricane Harbor Splash Town. This outdoor water park features many facilities and entertainment for all types of ages. One of the most well-known rides here is the Brain Drain. This exciting venture is a speed slide that gives you the feel of a free-fall drop. The Texas Free-fall is somewhat similar, making visitors vertically drop from the fifth floor. Thus, this place should be on your go-to list for amazing water adventures.


Houston Museum of Natural Science

At the Houston Museum of Science, you can see dinosaur fossils and many more things to entertain yourself. Annually this museum hosts many special displays, from detective-type exhibitions featuring Sherlock Holmes solving skills to awesome displays of photography. Each photo is taken by the renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Some other events to further facilitate the tourists are the butterfly exhibition, the ancient Egypt Hall, and the famous Morian Hall of Paleontology which showcases many dinosaur fossils. The Wortham Faint Screen shows informative IMAX documentaries, which cater to the preferences of all ages. If you are a history lover and love dinosaurs, this place is a must-visit. The museum proves to be an exciting place for all type of ages so make sure to add this place to your bucket list on your visit Houston!


The Galleria

The Galleria Mall is the largest mall in Texas, being centrally located. Galleria offers the best shopping experiences to all travelers. Inside this shopping mall, you can find many luxurious boutiques offering branded dresses of all types. You can buy some of the best souvenirs from this mall as well. The mall is home to many internationally known restaurants, for indoor enthusiasts the mall also features an indoor ice rink.


Sam Houston Park

Downtown Houston features some of the best places to visit. This Park, situated Downtown, has many well-maintained and clean trails with lakes. The Park is also lined up with many old houses as well. An ancient church constructed by Germans and travelers, and a Kellum-Noble House which is known as one of the oldest brick houses is located very near to this park. As one of the oldest destinations, this park offers guided tours as well so that visitors can be briefly educated about the rich history of constructed structures. So, book at your earliest and enjoy this historical phenomenon for a great experience.



If you are a food lover and searching for some good dining places, visit Ninfa's. This restaurant offers a great experience and serves delectable treats to enhance your experience. Their famous cuisines are tacos, crab cakes, and fajitas. The fajitas are known for their awesome taste and captivate all the food lovers. They are cooked with perfection with Ninfa's own recipe which is very old and authentic and what could be better than pairing the food with Ninfa's cocktails, adding flavors to the dishes? This food place should always be on your list, the restaurant has a great ambiance, which makes it ideal for family gatherings or a couple's date.

In a nutshell, Houston places to visit are endless, and each one of them is an adventure itself. The city caters to the diverse preferences of all travel enthusiasts. From the Houston Museum of Natural Science to the Hurricane Harbor Splash Town, everything here is unique and offers awesome experiences.

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